Casamicciola Terme


Casamicciola Terme is one of the oldest and most prestigious resort areas on the island of Ischia. The patronage of Casamicciola terme goes back to ancient times, probably Roman times. The reputation of Casamicciola is due to the extraordinary wealth of hot springs, including the legendary source, Gurgitiello, that feeds the spa for Relais & Chateaux Terme Manzi .
The focus of spa tourism in Casamicciola, going back as early as the sixteenth century, is Piazza Bagni or de ‘Bagni, so called because of the large number of these spas. It’s not a coincidence that the major historical figures who have come to the island of Ischia stayed in Casamicciola, two names in particular: Ibsen and Garibaldi. Garibaldi was cured of his wounds from the battle of Aspromonte right at the ancient Terme Manzi.
Thanks to its strong thermal spa history, Casamicciola Terme has become one of the top destinations for those who desire a wellness holiday in the comfort of a charming place that enchants its visitors with the beauty of its landscapes, the lushness of its nature and the clear blue sea. Elegant and refined, the lady of the hot springs of Ischia has always had a very chic and exclusive atmosphere, and not without romantic appeal, with her twentieth century villas surrounded by flower gardens.

General informations

Located in the northernmost part of the island of Ischia it has a mixed commercial and tourist port.

From the historical point of view is the island municipality with the oldest tourist vocation.