Executive Chef Giovanni De Vivo

Tradition and innovation

I started from the traditions of my family to build what is now for me is a new balance between tradition and innovation. In the composition of a dish than the first product and the simple flavor of the ingredients.

I argue that especially in recent years has become important to arrive at a maximum of the kitchen: “keep intact the main features of the products and make the light dish” For this you must always seek more quality products with ever greater determination.

The kitchen is a medium that allows you to go on a journey through new sensations, feelings that are the expression of stimulating experiences that will never end, in a world now poised between the universes of the fantastic and the real.


The Executive Chef Giovanni De Vivo, born in 1973, began his career as pastry chef, formerly Michelin star in 2015, he re-confirmed in 2016 as executive chef at Il Mosaico.