“The realization of a state of well-being is the path we face through the chaos of our complexity.
Therefore, it can only be the result of confidence and optimism.
Confidence in those who advice us.
Optimism in being convinced that the advice we received will concretely help our body to regain the lost balance.
Confidence and optimism are essential elements, the first step of serenity in a state of confusion of our sensations, the second pillar of determination to go on a road apparently inaccessible and unknown, assured that at the end of it there will be an unexpected reward.
Without that, well-being as a great opportunity will become an useless wandering in the darkness of doubt and uncertainty, seeing more and more away the opportunity of gaining an unique feeling that only the balance of our internal and external senses can give us.
Disharmony means to be lost in the chaos of our complexity. The Well-being is finding ourselves in our physical and mental integrity, coming out of the storm.
It is right to lose ourselves for feeling the inebriating sensation to find ourselves; this make us stronger than before, but woe to give it up”.