ischia thermal spa gurgitello springs


The island of Ischia is rich in mineral springs, natura  fumaroles, warm sands and already at the time of the Greeks and Romans it was  a spa of primary importance.
We find them mentioned by the  Greek Strabo and by the Roman Pliny, “the Antique”. The Greeks, who were the first to colonize the island, calling it “Pithaecusa”,  used the thermal springs to cure their diseases. The community for excellence, which enhances the thermal characteristics of this island is Casamicciola Terme, with its main thermo minerals basins, that feed many springs with outstanding  therapeutic virtues, established over the years by large studies.
But the Romans were to eulogize the enormous healing properties of these waters experiencing it in their time on themselves and making it an important tool for the care and “sanitas”. The Romans placed the thermal springs of Casamicciola Terme under the protection of Apollo, god of the health, by building luxury spas that soon would become the particular places of leisure and wellness.

The Manzi Spa Thermae is powered by hyper thermal waters that flow out of the famous springs of “Gurgitello” (in Latin: gurges), so named by the Romans inspired by the hot stream that flowed outside and poured into the sea.
The basin is located at the foot of the hillock “Ombrasco”, on the eastern side of Piazza Bagni and it occupies an area of 12,000 square meters.

The known Italian scientist, Guido Iasolino, devotes twenty-two pages of his treatise to the thermal waters of Gurgitello saying: “of all the baths of Ischia this one we have tried and happily experienced.”
From the fifteenth to the nineteenth century this spring has been the absolute protagonist not only in the Kingdom of Naples, but in the whole Europe, registering in the thermal town the presence of celebrities, who flocked to experiment these qualities.
In 1775, Nicola Andria, doctor of medicine, professor in the Royal University of Naples, wrote the Treaty of mineral waters in general and in particular of the waters of Ischia, the author focuses on the medical use of them… “one of the most famous and in result of the most frequented waters, not only in Ischia, but in all our surroundings, is definitely the water of Gurgitello”…
In 1864, being the hero of two worlds, “Giuseppe Garibaldi”, just back from injury in Aspromonte,  treated his illnesses in the thermal baths of the hotel Manzi of Casamicciola Terme.
The multiple curative virtues of the hyper thermal waters are closely linked to the training that they perform. In fact from the clear depths of the sea, these date back to pressure through countless volcanic fissures through an environment characterized by high temperatures and from great variety of minerals. And precisely for this reason they emerge at a temperatures close to 100°C and with an extremely rich and concentrated salt composition with particular reference to bicarbonates (action antacid), alkaline sulfates (action anti-inflammatory), sodium and calcium phosphates (action mineralizing). By this synergy between the high temperatures and the varied salt composition it has become the enormous powerful healing and beneficial thermo mineral water of the Manzi Spa Thermae.


Crystal clear water, colorless, odorless, alkaline tasty, oily when touching, containing many bicarbonate and alkaline sulfates, sodium chloride and calcium phosphate.

It is classified as “hyper thermal water – BICARBONATE-ALKALINE SALSO-sulfate.”

It has a diaphoretic action (sweating) which allows the expulsion of inorganic substances (carbon dioxide, sodium chloride) and organic (uric acid, urea, lactic acid, etc.) from the body; an anti-inflammatory action of the affections of the respiratory tract, pelvic organs, an analgesic action on the nervous system; a metabolic action (acts on the brain and pituitary and thyroid stimulating adrenal gland); is used in mud therapy for the treatment of: bone and joint diseases, osteoarthritis and arthritis, limb myalgia, tendonitis; in blood circulation disorders and diseases eudermic (skin).


Our mud has special properties that help to improve many problems coming from the daily stress often caused for series of compromises of our health. At the base of many daily diseases, which in some cases evolve into serious diseases, there is the disharmony of proper communication between our spinal column and viscera front linked to it. Many times we think that chronic pain in our back and our joints are due to bad posture or local damage. The World Health Organization has determined that 70% of chronic pain in the spine is not due to disharmony of the viscera and only 30% caused by disharmony, localized in the spinal column.
The thermal mud working on the entire spinal column and peripheral joints, thanks to its many healing properties, performs a radical reset of all the organs, reactivating the beneficial blood circulation and resolving in a natural way many of those ailments from which we hardly reach to liberate ourselves (chronic low back pain due to irritable colon, chronic neck pain due to malfunction of the gallbladder, pain migrants.)

Our thermal mud, soaked for 6 months in our water of the “Gurgitello” spring,  which is the most effective among the island of Ischia, is able to obtain these results even in cycles of three days and teaching us two things: the first is that it is not only a cure for the bones but something much more global and effective, the secondis that is not only useful to elderly people but especially to young people who have to preserve the health and not to waste it unnecessarily. Obviously, as required for a real cure, a medical examination is useful and expected to individually package the best course of treatment in relation to the individual person and his constitutional dimension.
Dr. Pompeo Barbieri (Specialist in Cardiology and Vascular Diseases, Chinese medicine, Homotossicology)