Wellness Programmes

Edematous Cellulite Programme
Inspired by the homonymous treatment, it takes advantage of the synergy of others treatments, greatly increasing the chances of having good results straightway.
485.00 €

Fibroadipose Cellulite Programme
It is aimed to a condition that already exists and needs intensive treatment to restore an healthy blood circulation and to revitalize low oxygen tissues.
510.00 €

Lymphatic Vascular Disorder Programme
Particularly suitable for the conditions of lymphatic stasis related to problems both constitutional and lifestyle. It combines the best of the synergy achieved with the combination of several dedicated treatments.
475.00 €

Venous Disorder Programme
It offers a natural answer to all those imperfections that afflict women represented by the dark color of vascular formations that too often ruin the aesthetic of the legs.
525.00 €

Exfoliating Programme 1 day
To remove impurities and regenerate the skin. 1 Exfoliating Treatment, 1 Thermal Hydro-massage and 1 Relaxing Massage.
120.00 €

Anti-Stress Programme 1 Day
Revitalizing and re-energizing treatments to fight against everyday stress
Hydro massage
Anti-stress massage
Personalized mask
160.00 €

Pamper Programme 1 day
For a moment of wellness and for nourishing the skin. 1 Body and Facial Pamper Massage, 1 Seaweed and Grape Body Wrap and 1 Personalized Face Mask.
160.00 €

Salus per Aquam (6 Days)
Includes the essence of our exclusivity: the healing powers of thermal water, mud and hands
Medical Check-up
6 Mud Therapy sessions
6 Thermal Baths
6 Circulatory Massages
600,00 €

Light Legs Programme

1 Refrigerant Thermal Bath
1 Light Legs Impack
1 Pressotherapy

€ 130,00


Hydration and Lightness

1 Refreshing Face Mask
1 Cold Mud applications in the lower limbs
1 Legs Refreshing Gel (Free Gift)

€ 110,00


Refreshing Moments

1 Evian Shower
1 Refreshing Impack
1 Partial lymphatic drainage
1 Frigotherapy

€ 190,00