Thermae ischia, the history

In 1863 Luigi Manzi discovered the exceptional healing properties of the Gurgitiello Springs and decided to build a thermal spa. His desire was to offer healing treatments,

a luxurious place for relaxation, and first class hospitality. From then on, Terme Manzi Hotel became synonymous with Ischia Spa.

Noblemen, academics, poets and industry executives have stayed at the Terme Manzi, giving testimony to the therapeutic properties of the Gurgitiello thermal water. Even Giuseppe Garibaldi, the “Hero of Two Worlds” came to Terme Manzi to heal the wounds he suffered while fighting for Italian unification at the battle of Aspromonte.

In 1960 Terme Manzi Hotel was bought and renovated by the famous Italian editor and filmmaker, Angelo Rizzoli, who loved Ischia and helped make the spa known to the world of cinema and international jet-setters.

Since the year 2000, the hotel has been owned by the Polito Family, whose members are professionally dedicated to hospitality. Terme Manzi Hotel has been renovated with passion and sensitivity, respecting its origin and age-old traditions. It blends modern accommodation with century-old tradition, offering guests a truly memorable experience.


manzi storyIn the recent restyling of the hotel, architect Cesar Longo was able to give it a unique style where classic architecture meets the orient. The architect played with light and shadow leaving nothing to chance, even at the entrance natural daylight streams through skylights creating an intimate feeling within the elegant reception area.
In the interior design of the hotel the attentive eye can read, through the mixture of styles, the story of the island of Ischia itself, including the different dominant cultures throughout the ages, from the Greek to the Aragonese, from the Romans to the Saracens; countless Ischian lives joined together in a unique three-dimensional novel to leaf through day after day, ever discovering new and exciting cultural facts.