Medical check-up

€ 80,00

Medical consultation

€ 40,00

Full Body Thermal Mud Therapy

Application of thermal mud above all body’s articulations, including the whole spine, for the treatment of ailments of bones and joints, metabolic imbalances and in ammations.

15’ € 40,00

Partial Body Thermal Mud Therapy

Application of thermal mud above some body parts, for the treatment of ailments of bones and joints, metabolic imbalances and in ammations in speci c areas of the body.

15’ € 30,00

Cold Thermal Mud Therapy

Application of thermal mud at a low temperature above the legs, for treating blood and lymph circulation disfunctions.

20’ € 35,00

Thermal Bath

Immersion of the body in a bath-tub with pure thermal water at the temperature of approx. 37-38 C° that strengthens the functionality of the circulatory system, the locomotor apparatus and the epidermis.

20’ € 30,00

Thermal Hydro-massage

Immersion of the body in a bath-tub with pure thermal water, with a gentle pressure of the water generated by underwater jets; it stimulates venous circulation and eases heavy and swollen legs, while rming and toning the silhouette and relaxing the muscles.

20’ € 30,00

Evian Shower

It is a rapid multiple shower in rain form, with crossed jets of water that continually fall on the body resulting in a reactivation of the microcirculation and a relaxing e ect on the muscles.

20’ € 40,00

Aerosol / Inhalation

An e ective method for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases related to the respiratory system.

10’ € 15,00

Body Rolling

Technique based on the use of pneumatic balls, aimed to rebalancing of muscular chains and obtaining a natural muscular relaxation.

60’ € 45,00


Il Pilates è una ginnastica che insegna ad assumere una corretta postura, a dare maggiore armonia e uidità nei movimenti. Lavora sulla toni cazione e sul rinforzo di tutti i muscoli al ne di alleviare e prevenire dolori e disturbi alla schiena, alle spalle e in generale a tutto il corpo.

60’ € 45,00


An ancient discipline that involves the body, posture, breathing and spirituality. It is a universe that touches the person deep inside, fusing it, and at the same time, freeing and leading it towards unity.

60’ € 45,00

Power Yoga

It is a sequence of soft and energizing exercises, combined with breathing and relaxation.

60’ € 45,00


The combined action of manipulation, mobilization and stretching for an improved suppleness and mobility of sti muscles and joints. Particularly suited in case of cervical pain, lumbar pain, lumbar sciatalgia, periarthritis as well as pain in the knees and hips.

30’ € 60,00

Mobilization in Water

Immersed in thermal water, active exercises and passive manoeuvres are carried out with the aim of eliminating muscle contractions due to stress and traumas, while optimizing the functionality of stiff and aching joints.

30’ € 70,00

Fitness Consultation

€ 40,00

Session with Personal Trainer

30’ € 30,00

Circulatory Massage

The ideal completion of the therapeutic sequence based on the use of mud and thermal water for a uniform redistribution, including the most peripheral body areas, of the blood mobilized by the two previous treatments.

30’ € 40,00

Neuromuscular Massage

Technique aimed at releasing the muscle tensions continually arising from incorrect postures induced
by our stressful daily activities.

55’ € 85,00

Aromatherapy Relaxing Massage

A massage inducing a profound relaxation, thanks to the combined e ect of manual massage and the properties of essential oils.

30’ € 40,00

55’ € 80,00

Anti-stress Massage

Revitalizing and regenerating massage that helps easing psycho-physical tensions and reducing everyday stress.

80’ € 100,00

Hot Stone Therapy Massage

Relaxing and de-contracting massage entailing the use of warm basaltic stones and precious essential oils. It is particularly effective in compensating a Yang energy de cit and boosts the vitality of the whole body.

55’ € 85,00

80’ € 110,00

Resonance Massage

It blends 5 di erent manual massage techniques into a combination against contractures and daily stress while improving circulation and restoring the energetic balance.

55’ € 80,00

80’ € 100,00

Scalp Massage

Regenerating and stimulating massage manoeuvres to improve the circulation of the scalp, associated with a pleasant relaxing effect.

30’ € 35,00

Therapeutic Massage

Treatment based on the simultaneous manipulation of the bones, joints and muscles structures in order to gain a proper joint balance.

45’ € 70,00

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Partial / Total

Partial or total therapeutic massage, aimed at the resolution of lymphatic congestion districts.

45’ € 70,00

80’ € 100,00

Anti-cellulite Massage

Treatment for the body shaping and tissue toning.

45’ € 70,00

Cold-therapeutic Treatment

Vascular toning used for tired legs or as completion of vaso-active programs.

20’ € 50,00

Colon Massage

A delicate manual help for solving the problems of the irritable colon.

20’ € 40,00

Pressure Therapy

Treatment aimed at the removal and the start up of stagnant blood in the lower limbs to its natural destination.

30’ € 50,00


Innovative system of electrical stimulation that release a natural impulse aimed at the reduction of the exceeded centimeters of the body.

55’ € 80,00

Foot Reexology

Massage of speci c points and areas of the foot plant, corresponding to the di erent organs and parts of the body. It helps restoring a correct energy ow in the inner organs and balancing the endocrine system.

30’ € 50,00

Indian Foot Treatment

Treatment of the active points identi ed by re exology from the foot to the knee according to the Indian medical tradition, for enhancing blood circulation in the legs.

45’ € 70,00


This particular Thai massage consists in the combination of the pressure of ngers and hands and stretching movements. It helps releasing tensions deriving from stress and rebalances the neuro-psychi-energetic system.

55’ € 80,00

Ayurvedic Massage (Abyangham)

This massage is the highest expression of the ancient Indian methods. It helps improving the circulation of vital uids and eliminating toxins from both body and mind.

55’ € 85,00

80’ € 110,00

Shirodhara Massage

Treatment of Indian origin consisting in a stream of warm medical oil pouring on the forehead at the level of the ”third eye”. Its main bene cial e ect is a deep feeling of relaxation and an easing of indispositions such as stress and restlessness.

30’ € 60,00

Pindasweda Massage

This massage is made with specials heated cotton bags lled with medical herbs that are applied on the body.It prevents and treats rheumatism, arthrosis, imperfections of the skin and general pains.

55’ € 80,00

Exfoliation (peeling)

Removes impurities and dead cells leaving the skin bright and smooth as silk.

30’ € 50,00

Facial Cleansing

Basic beauty treatment to clean the skin from superficial impurities, dead cells and comedos; it prepares the skin for the further facial treatments in order to prevent or alleviate the most common imperfections.

55’ € 70,00

80’ € 95,00

Personalized Face Treatment

Precious for the skin’s health and beauty. Personalized face treatment based on the typology of your skin.

55’ € 100,00

Eyes and Lip Contour Treatment

Reviving treatment, specially designed for contrasting wrinkles and softening the small lines around the delicate eyes and lip area. This treatment enhances local blood circulation, thus minimizing bags under the eyes as well as any sign of fatigue.

30’ € 45,00

Personalized Face Mask

Skin face mask application according to the imperfection to be treated.

30’ € 45,00

Lymphatic Drainage Face Massage

Therapeutic massage technique to reduce the liquids stagnating in the tissues and aid their expulsion.

30’ € 50,00

Face Massage

Massage techniques aimed at obtaining a fresher look, enliven the complexion, relax and at the same time prevent the signs of aging.

30’ € 40,00

Oxygen Therapy

Treatment that improves the cell metabolism and activates the skin microcirculation, leaving it bright and supple already from the rst application.

55’ € 100,00

Back cleansing

Accurate and deep regeneration of the skin of the back.

55’ € 90,00

Tonifying Treatment

The purpose of this treatment is to increase the tone of all tissues from the skin surface to the depth of the muscle, restoring energy and freshness to the tissues.

100’ € 150,00

Exfoliating Treatment with Shower / with Bath

Customized peeling based on plant extracts or sea salts that remove the horny layer of the skin, has an anti-oxidation e ect and helps the penetration of active principles.

30’ € 50,00

55’ € 85,00

Breast Treatment

Treatment specially targeted at improving the tone and suppleness of the breast skin and tissue.

55’ € 60,00

Edematous Cellulite Treatment

It has the purpose of solving the frequent reappearance of cellulite very common in young and middle age women, that represent the mechanism at the base of the deterioration of the cellulite.

80’ € 150,00

Fibroadipose Cellulite Treatment

It is a condition which occurred a long time ago that consists predominantly in repair tissue of periodic in ammations. For this reason it requires an action of greatest impact, respecting the natural physiology of the body.

80’ € 150,00

Lymphatic Vascular Disorder Treatment

The aim of this treatment is to facilitate the drainage of stagnant lymph in the body by energizing and toning the lymphatic vessels.

70’ € 130,00

Venous Disorder Treatment

This treatment has the aim of improving the venous circulation by increasing the tone of the musculature of the vessels, through a real muscular gymnastic.

70’ € 130,00


€ 30,00

French/polish application

€ 15,00

Pedicure estetico

€ 40,00

Esthetic Pedicure

€ 50,00

Manicure and Semi-permanent nail polish application

€ 40,00

Semipermanent/gel polish removal

€ 20,00

Full legs waxing

€ 50,00

Partial waxing (back/chest/arms/legs)

€ 30,00

Bikini line / armpits waxing

€ 20,00

Upper lip waxing

€ 10,00

Eyebrow waxing

€ 10,00

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

from € 50,00